Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year 2014

Every nearby the upcoming is indeterminate, but one object
is for sure that ALLAH (GOD)has already planned all our tomorrows.
We just ensure to have confidence in him today.
Guys you know what wewe ni mshindi kwenye maisha yako
yani namaanisha wewe ni number one in your life.
Don’t forever admit any one to tell you huwezi fanya kitu kizuri kwenye
jamii yako or kwenye maisha yako kwa maendeleo yako binafsi au
 ya jamii yako. Wewe ni mshindi jikubali daima dumu.
I heartily wish a beautiful tomorrow for you & ur family happy new year
We Love you all......Xoxoooo


  1. Woooow maneno mazuri sana wallah.
    Of couse am no1 in ma life na tena najikubali miaka 88888888888

  2. Finally we made it, Woooooow Glory to Lord

  3. Another year of sucess and hapines has passed with every year that comes with challengs and obstacles in life. Wish you courage, hope & faith to over come hardship may you ave a new great 2014!

  4. Wooow maneno mazuri sana wallaah yanaamasisha na kujaza mtu nguvu mpya.
    ubalikiwe kipenzi, let me take this opportunity to wish you, your family and entire team a very happy and a prosperous new year 2014.

  5. u know what.... Start today and u'll achieve ur goal a day earlier than if you star tomorrow. Happy 2014