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How to Make Hair Shiny

How to make your Hair Shiny with a Proper Diet
Some other tricks for shiny hair include a healthy diet and lifestyle. Diet is very important if you want to learn how to make hair shiny. Hair is basically dead protein. Some people argue that because of this, it doesn't matter what you eat to keep your hair healthy. This is untrue. Even though hair is dead, it still is derived from nutrients that growing hair needs, the same as fingernails.
The most important elements of your diet to get smooth and shiny hair should include protein, of course. Dark green vegetables and fresh fruits are also needed to make hair shiny. Dark green vegetables help contribute iron and vitamin E needed for healthy, shiny hair.
Fish is very beneficial to help make hair shiny. Fish has lots of omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids. Very few foods contain these, and fish is one of the best sources. These essential fatty acids help get smooth and shiny hair. If you don't eat much fish, you should consider taking fish oil capsules to make hair shiny. This is one of the best tricks for shiny hair, but is also excellent for your overall health.
 Best and Easiest Tricks for Shiny Hair
One of the simplest and cheapest tricks for shiny hair is good old-fashioned water. Drink lots of water to get smooth and shiny hair. If you don't drink enough water, you will become dehydrated. Your body is going to deplete hair of moisture first, as it is not vital to your health. This will cause dry, coarse, brittle, easily damaged hair- the exact opposite of how to make hair shiny.

Avoid These If You Want to Get Smooth and Shiny Hair 
 Smoking is the death not only of you, but of your hair as well. If you want to get smooth and shiny hair, you need to quit smoking if you do. Too much caffeine can also prevent shiny hair.

Some Tricks for Shiny Hair
Sometimes dull hair is caused by buildup of hair products. At least once a month, use a clarifying shampoo to remove these hair products and help make hair shiny.
A simple trick for shiny hair is to always rinse your hair in cold water last to get hair smooth and shiny. This will cause the outside hair covering, called the cuticle, to lie flat and smooth. This in turn will reflect light and help make hair shiny and healthy looking.

Shiny Hair and Curls Do Not Mix
If your hair is curly, you will probably need a little extra help when learning how to make hair shiny. This is because curly hair doesn't have smooth cuticles. And curly hair is by nature usually dry.
Try hair shine products and anti-frizz hair products until you find one that will make hair shiny. They are truly great tricks for shiny hair. There are some fantastic ones on the market, but it really is trial and error, depending on your hair and your own preferences.
And remember, less is more. You don't want the products to build up and cause dullness.
Shiny Hair Using Natural Products
If you want shiny hair using natural products, henna is one of the best tricks for shiny hair ever. Henna actually improves hair's health as well as make hair shiny. Because it coats the hair shaft instead of penetrating it like commercial hair coloring products, your hair will feel thicker as well. And henna will gradually wash away. It doesn't leave that tacky look that a person gets when their colored hair starts growing out.
Be warned, though. Henna is messy and smells terrible. It will stain anything it touches, not just your hair. It also will only color hair a reddish shade, if it is authentic henna. Henna can't be used over commercial hair coloring products. But if you want a natural product that doesn't damage hair and that will make hair shiny, henna is the ticket.

Learning How to Make Hair Shiny Is Easy, but Takes Time

Shiny hair doesn't appear naturally overnight. Only hair products can do that. If you want truly healthy hair that is shiny, you must eat properly. A healthy lifestyle will also contribute to healthy, shiny hair. Just like the rest of your body, healthy hair depends on healthy habits. Give it awhile to see results- at least a couple of months.
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3rd Semester Exams (Nimemaliza)

Oooooohh thanks god nimemaliza my exams, sasa presha ipo kwenye majibu sijui kuna kusup au vipi mungu nisaidie and also help my fellow student. By the way i would like to thanks all of you kwa maombi yenu kwangu....thanks thanks thanks much. .

Am back guys, that means kaa mkao wa kupata good styles, reading hot hottt news, Heart break, Fashion and much more.....Love 2 Know different thing bana.

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Friends….Do you love your Nail?

I know every woman wants to have neatly manicured nails and creative nail designs on them. It is beautiful and it helps her to express herself and her style. Creative nail designs can be made at home by ourselves or in salons. If we are not very skillful it is better to visit a professional salon which creates beautiful acrylic nail designs 2011 or visit some website, magazine, and news paper. But if you are artistic and creative, you should try to make it on your own. Acrylic nail designs 2011 should be very colorful. You can express your personality trough creative nail designs and everyone will envy you.

By the way nail shape is softly rounded. With the look of having medium-sized nails with a French manicure and clear varnish down the length and white crescents at the tips.

When you want to go out for a night out and you like red, then this is a good and we are looking at pure fire-engine matte red, the sort that makes men go week at the knees and declares you are a bad girl.

The girly pinks and purples will hold sway for a while, with the grotesque grey, is ideally for the wannabe trend cats are all now a thing of the past. The trend now is neon greens and blues which are best left for the teeny boppers, but are sweeping their way up the age ladder.

Shimmer is so big that Estee Lauder, Yves Saint Laurent and Oreal look as though they have a whole range devoted to it. These are shades straight from your heart, but with a twist. Sable with an oil slick effect or opalescent nail polishes with petrol sheen are what are giving nails the hip hop look right now.

For the woman who does more chores like cooking, she would need to get herself a skin tone matte, or a light peach opalescent. This when chipped does not show up.
Now the hot trend is to have your nails painted, stenciled or even pierced to go with a really good manicure.

Massage a hand cream into your hands at least a couple of times a week, and make sure you wear gloves when you are washing up or cleaning. And above all, keep your nails at a tolerable length - shall we say one that will allow you to dial from an old telephone instrument.

All information kwa msaada wa this link
For more good news about how to make ur open below web site
Nail Care Tips
  •  Beautiful Nature Nails
Beautiful, natural nails require care and proper manicuring. A shortish nail that is straight across the top with rounded edges is the current in style shape.Here are nail care tips for polishing your nails so they will look beautiful and stay looking fresh longer.
  • Filing Nails:
    File nails when the white part of the nail tip has grown 1/4" from the pink part of the nail. Filing nails before the nail is 1//4" long can weaken the nail. Allowing the nail to grow to a length longer than the base pink nail length will be sure to make them break easily. Nail files from side to side would weaken nails. When filing, go from the corner to the center in one direction. Follow the groove on the side of your nail.
  • Buffing Nails:
    Buffing nails can give them a shinier finish. Start at the cuticle and work your way down to the tip with medium pressure. Don't use a back and forth movement as heat builds up and this can damage your nails. Continue lightly until all ridges on the nail surface have disappeared.
  • Clean Nails:
    Be sure that nails are clean and dry, free of any oil or lotion, before applying polish. Remove any old polish from nails.
  • Base Coat:
    Always use a Base Coat and let it dry for at least 1 minute. The Base Coat helps to keep nail polish from chipping and makes polish last longer.
  • Applying Polish:
    Apply two coats of polish. You should be able to cover the nail in three stokes, one on each side and then one in the middle.
  • Drying Time:
    Always allow your polish to dry thoroughly for several minutes before you apply the next coat. This will avoid the new coat from dragging on the surface of the previous coat and allow the next layer adhere better. Darker shades take longer to dry. Avoid fast drying polish. It does not last as long.
  • Top Coat:
    Once your nail polish has dried, apply a clear Top Coat to seal it. Continue to apply the Top Coat daily to keep nails looking fresher longer.
Remove with a nail polish remover that contains hydrating oils.
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3rd Semester Exams

Good morning Freinds.

To be honesty i need maombi yenu coz nakaribia kuaanza mitihani ya kumaliza 3rd semester.

Naombeni sana sana dua zenu na maombi yenu kwa wingi kwa dini yoyote ile na mungu atakubariki kwa kila utakacho fanya.Visit this wabsite to see exam time table n kama unapenda pia kuongeza elimu kwenye upande huu wa ICT i hope UCC kitakufaa zaidi.

Without forgetting to wish all UCC student ambao wataanza mitihani Monday 6th june and Tuesday 7th june, 2011Thanks much n luv u all.....

Make Your Lips More Attractive!

Want to make your mouth lips unusual and more attractive? I’ll tell you how to make it! Look at the first one, on the lips there is another face on it, not so sexy but so funny and so attractive.
Though the real Minnie Mouse does not have visible lips, humans will want to use a bright red color on the lips. Start with a red lipliner to outline both the top and bottom lips. The mouth should appear shorter and smaller than the natural lips, so apply the liner inside the lip line. The peaks of the lips should be close together and apparent. After lining, fill in the lips with bright red lipstick.
Wooooow! U like it! Tell me the truth...

Try to select perfect lipstick to your lips.. Luv you all. 

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Love to know about Eye Makeup

Eye Makeup Tips
A few good eye makeup tips can help you create sensational eyes. From simple steps in contouring with eyeshadow to the perfect mascara application, a few tricks can help make applying eye makeup easier and give you greater freedom to create the look you want with confidence.
 Your eye makeup can really define your "look." Use it sparingly to create modest, yet beautiful eyes for the work day, and apply it heavier for dramatic, sexy eyes that are perfect for an evening out on the town. Using eye makeup to your advantage doesn't have to be difficult. Simple tips, such as applying eye shadow for your eye type and knowing how to apply liquid liner, can make a big difference.
Whether you're preparing for day or night, it's a good idea to begin by applying an eye shadow primer base to your lids to help your eye makeup look fresh longer.