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How to Make Hair Shiny

How to make your Hair Shiny with a Proper Diet
Some other tricks for shiny hair include a healthy diet and lifestyle. Diet is very important if you want to learn how to make hair shiny. Hair is basically dead protein. Some people argue that because of this, it doesn't matter what you eat to keep your hair healthy. This is untrue. Even though hair is dead, it still is derived from nutrients that growing hair needs, the same as fingernails.
The most important elements of your diet to get smooth and shiny hair should include protein, of course. Dark green vegetables and fresh fruits are also needed to make hair shiny. Dark green vegetables help contribute iron and vitamin E needed for healthy, shiny hair.
Fish is very beneficial to help make hair shiny. Fish has lots of omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids. Very few foods contain these, and fish is one of the best sources. These essential fatty acids help get smooth and shiny hair. If you don't eat much fish, you should consider taking fish oil capsules to make hair shiny. This is one of the best tricks for shiny hair, but is also excellent for your overall health.
 Best and Easiest Tricks for Shiny Hair
One of the simplest and cheapest tricks for shiny hair is good old-fashioned water. Drink lots of water to get smooth and shiny hair. If you don't drink enough water, you will become dehydrated. Your body is going to deplete hair of moisture first, as it is not vital to your health. This will cause dry, coarse, brittle, easily damaged hair- the exact opposite of how to make hair shiny.

Avoid These If You Want to Get Smooth and Shiny Hair 
 Smoking is the death not only of you, but of your hair as well. If you want to get smooth and shiny hair, you need to quit smoking if you do. Too much caffeine can also prevent shiny hair.

Some Tricks for Shiny Hair
Sometimes dull hair is caused by buildup of hair products. At least once a month, use a clarifying shampoo to remove these hair products and help make hair shiny.
A simple trick for shiny hair is to always rinse your hair in cold water last to get hair smooth and shiny. This will cause the outside hair covering, called the cuticle, to lie flat and smooth. This in turn will reflect light and help make hair shiny and healthy looking.

Shiny Hair and Curls Do Not Mix
If your hair is curly, you will probably need a little extra help when learning how to make hair shiny. This is because curly hair doesn't have smooth cuticles. And curly hair is by nature usually dry.
Try hair shine products and anti-frizz hair products until you find one that will make hair shiny. They are truly great tricks for shiny hair. There are some fantastic ones on the market, but it really is trial and error, depending on your hair and your own preferences.
And remember, less is more. You don't want the products to build up and cause dullness.
Shiny Hair Using Natural Products
If you want shiny hair using natural products, henna is one of the best tricks for shiny hair ever. Henna actually improves hair's health as well as make hair shiny. Because it coats the hair shaft instead of penetrating it like commercial hair coloring products, your hair will feel thicker as well. And henna will gradually wash away. It doesn't leave that tacky look that a person gets when their colored hair starts growing out.
Be warned, though. Henna is messy and smells terrible. It will stain anything it touches, not just your hair. It also will only color hair a reddish shade, if it is authentic henna. Henna can't be used over commercial hair coloring products. But if you want a natural product that doesn't damage hair and that will make hair shiny, henna is the ticket.

Learning How to Make Hair Shiny Is Easy, but Takes Time

Shiny hair doesn't appear naturally overnight. Only hair products can do that. If you want truly healthy hair that is shiny, you must eat properly. A healthy lifestyle will also contribute to healthy, shiny hair. Just like the rest of your body, healthy hair depends on healthy habits. Give it awhile to see results- at least a couple of months.
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